The Card Curative was started as a means to help people stay connected to those closest to them... even when they are sometimes a plane ride away.


Since moving away from 'home' after college, we spend many hours on the phone, texting, emailing, face-timing, and G-chatting with our family and friends. With so many means of communication available to us, there is still something so special about receiving a hand-written card. Handwriting carries so much character and personality. And hand-written notes are more meaningful, permanent, and personal than any text message, email, or Facebook post. Some of our most prized possessions are notes from our grandparents from 25 years ago.

With backgrounds in design, e-commerce, and marketing, the idea for The Card Curative came to us one day after a frustrating trip to a big-box retailer for Mother's Day cards. With all of the beautiful stationery brands in the world today, why does purchasing greeting cards sometimes feel like such a hassle? Why is it so difficult to remember to buy a card with enough time to mail it in advance of someone's birthday? What if there was a service that did all of the remembering and the shopping for you? Thus, The Card Curative was born. 

Jenny and Brian live in Austin, TX with their feisty orange cat named Ginger.