Why We Created The Card Curative

We’ve all been there. The alarm just went off and the sleep is still crusted in the corner of your eyes. You check your phone, only to see the dreaded Facebook notification. “Today is Crystal Tomczyk’s birthday”.

Shoot… Crystal is one of my best friends from college. And although we don’t talk as much as we should, I still consider her one of my closest friends. If I don’t write “HBD” on her wall, she’ll think I forgot her birthday. But I kind of did forget and a Facebook post just seems so… impersonal.

We created The Card Curative because we are as connected as ever and yet true connections seem to get lost sometime in the day-to-day hustle. Cards can be simple vehicles to help strengthen personal connections. The act of putting pen to paper shows those closest to us that you value them more than the thousands of social media “friends” in your network.

But like you, we’re busy with our lives. Remembering key dates, nevertheless remembering them in time to purchase and mail a card, can be a tall order. And that’s why we created The Card Curative. We created it to be a little piece of your support system. We created it because we think personal connections are what life is all about and we want to help you fortify them.  And when the perfect card arrives in your mailbox, a week before the dreaded Facebook notification, grab a pen and show them that you care.