25-Card Service Package

birthday cards
birthday cards
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25-Card Service Package


25 cards? Yeah, that sounds like a lot. And it is. But when you stop to think about all of the people you wished you had sent cards to over the past year, 25 cards can add up quickly. This service package will help keep you connected to far-flung friends and long-distance relatives, and it will ensure you never have to make a special trip to the store for a greeting card again.

Cards will arrive to you throughout the year, one by one, 7-10 days prior to the dates you outline for us; just enough time to write a personal note and get it back in the mail prior to the occasion.

Included in this service package:

  • 25 hand-selected cards, specific and timely to the occasions you outline for us
  • 25 Forever USPS First Class stamps
  • Blank envelopes to either mail or hand deliver the card
  • Free shipping
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